5.–28.9.2015, Gallery Justus, Kannus, FI

Some time ago we heard story of a swimming pool planned into the basement of the City Office of Kannus, FI. The sauna facilities were completed, but money ran out before the commencement of construction of the pool. This happened probably at some point before the last recession, early 1980's. The story may not be true, but it is interesting. Later an art gallery was founded into the unused left-over space.

The current recession has already lasted for several years. Even so, or perhaps precisely because of that we wanted to bring out a fantasy from the original purpose of the current art space. Poolside means the basking area surrounding the swimming pool. A place for spending time leisurely and on the other hand to show oneself, luxury and financial independence. As the market economy mechanisms slowly erode around us, such oasis-like places emerge and break out to a momentarily glory. Just like in ditch banks in full bloom, the internal putrefaction of this particular exhibition, however, has already subtly begun.

Art as well is often defined as vanity and surplus. In this sense, the replacement of the swimming pool section with gallery space seems as a logical continuum. However, the attractive futility offered by the gallery is within anyone's reach, unlike swimming pool. Poolside exhibition is a collection of random combinations. The exhibition combines objects, spatial paintings and geodesic-utopian dreams borrowed from various decades.