mesh/mɛʃ/ | 2015

7.1.–15.3.2015, Areena, Espoo Museum of Modern Art EMMA, Espoo, FI

mesh/mɛʃ/ is an installation and/or  an interactive process with the audience in the Areena showroom that is created and disappears in the course of the exhibition period.
mesh/mɛʃ/ starts off with an empty space and ends with a lecture at the conclusion of the show. Using presentation equipment found in the museum storage and nomadic elements brought in by the artists, the venue becomes filled with temporary structures and compositions that are assembled and dismantled as needed.

The objects create places of encounter the formation of which is governed by randomness or momentary need and which change their form in time. The artists work in the project space almost daily, following a weekly schedule. Their work results in maps and diagrams on the walls of the gallery. One of them borrows its form from network diagrams. A network diagram is a graphic representation of a network, a way of examining functions, dependencies and the critical path of a project.

The title theme of the show, mesh/mɛʃ/, refers to a complex sequence of events in which things, situations, people and objects are all entwined or enmeshed together. It also refers to the mesh made up of the nodes and loops in a network or a fishing net.

Nabb + Teeri have invited composer Timo Tuhkanen to collaborate in their project. He creates a soundtrack for the show from materials emerging in the showroom in EMMA. Timo Tuhkanen (b. 1983, Muscat, Oman) is a composer, poet, publisher and visual artist. He studied composition, improvisation and conducting at Brunel University West London, graduating in 2009. Tuhkanen lives and works in Helsinki.