installation and performance tour curated and co-organized with Riikka Keränen and Mustarinda association

15.–17.8.2014 Forest festival, Pyalma, RU, participants Nabb+Teeri, Riikka Keränen, Komugi Ando, Mari Oikarinen
21.8.2014 Night of the Arts, Helsinki, FI, participants Nabb+Teeri, Riikka Keränen, Jenni Markkanen
28.8.2014 Ristijärvi, FI, participants Nabb+Teeri, Riikka Keränen, Jenni Markkanen
29.8.2014 Kajaani, FI, participants Nabb+Teeri, Riikka Keränen, Jenni Markkanen, Mayumi Niiranen-Hisatomi, Mari Oikarinen
5.–7.9.2014 Metsän henki, Mustarinda, Hyrynsali, FI
16.–18.10.2014, T.E.H.D.A.S. Live&Dead Art, Pori Art Museum, FI

Floating Market is a bazaar which is assembled at irregular intervals, but mostly at night, at changing locales. It is a place where goods of all kinds are traded, and valid currency consists of anything the seller may place value in. Exchange ratios may seem grossly odd to outsiders — or they would, could they see the market at all. Wares and currency alike consist of leftovers, food, performances, works of art, trash, stories.

Floating Market is a collaborative series of projects involving various artists of different fields. Line-up changes between installations, there is no such thing as two identical market experiences.