QUILT | 2012/2013/2014 | plastic bags, twine

FLOOR PLAN (STUDIO) | 2014 | frottage on plastic flooring carpet, sail rings, twine

RUBBISH VIDEO | 2014 | projection screens, 2-channel video installation (5 min, 28 s, loop) | The Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki

TABLE OF CONTENTS | 2011 | watercolour on paper, sound | 46 paintings and soundtracks | The Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki

CHANCE COLLAGE | 2014 | collage on paper, oak vitrine frames, fluorescent lamps, silicone, digital print on wallpaper

TERMINAL | 2014 | eyeglass display stands, lamps from an architect’s office, acrylic boards, damaged Hermes sculpture packed in a storage cage on casters, fluorescent lamps, surveillance camera, digital video (7 min, 16 s, loop)

GREENHOUSE | 2014 | greenhouse, lamps, paintings, plantings, moving boxes and other equipment

MATERIAL LIBRARY | 2013-2014 | object collection, trestles, table tops, lamps, acrylic boards, vitrines

WALLWRITING (BASEL, 2012) | 2009/2011/2014 | body-tinted plaster letters, spray paint, silicone

WALLWRITING (DIARY, 1993) | 2011 | patchworked polyester, twine

COLLAGE ROOM | 2014 | installation with collage materials and binder clips, A-stand, windows, frames, chipboard, picture ledges

SONAR | 2010/2013/2014 | paper cuts, LED television, DV camcorder, tripod

SCREENSHOT | 2014 | watercolour on paper | Tampere Art Musuem

BLOCK PAINTING (SOMMARSTUGA REMIX) | 2009/2013/2014 | artificial grass mat; block paintings (originally mixed media on mdf, metallic lamp frames, silicone) exposed to brackish water, summer heat, and other conditions of a summer cottage | 38 parts

UNTITLED | 2013 | unfinished watercolour painting in a block, pallet, straps, picture ledge | Tampere Art Museum


10.5.–17.8.2014, Tampere Art Museum, FI
Young Artist of the Year 2014 -nomination exhibition

The works of Nabb and Teeri address the encounters of people and commodities or just as well matters concerning archiving, memory, discovery and colour. The title of the exhibition at the Tampere Art Museum, The Leftovers of an Unknown Party, is a quote from Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s essay Cézanne’s Doubt, referring to the part of the essay in which this famous painter sees his experiments scattered around his studio as failed and alien to him. The present exhibition explores remains through material surfeit. In the conceptions and views of Nabb and Teeri, collections and documentations consisting of the remains of feasts of consumption are formed from entities of found objects, images, animations, sounds and everyday conditions. The touch of humans, animals and even forces of nature can be seen in the works on display.

most 📷 by Jari Kuusenaho | Tampere Art Museum