By doing focal exercises we have tried to go beyond the contemporary oil-lubricated experience. Focality has been proposed to work as a counter-practice to current fossil-fuel-driven, uniforming productivity (e.g. Energy and Experience by Antti Salminen & Tere Vadén). The prerequisites for focality (Lat. focus , fireplace) are practices and objects that require concentration, commitment, dedication and skillfullness. In the exercises, making art adapts to the prevailing circumstances when we strive to work locally, at its simplest with objects and themes found from each venue. It is important to pay attention to both brittleness and interdependence when acclimatizing oneself to materials, situations, places, and actors. The site-specific paraphernalia merges momentarily into the nomadic structures that are carried along, forming a weave of cross-reference that emphasizes compassion and interest towards space, surplus, and our more-than-human neighbours.

nabbteeri is an artist duo formed in 2008 by Finnish artists Janne Nabb (b. 1984) and Maria Teeri (b. 1985), whose practice is characterized by the preconditions of working in changing locations. Their polymorphic works are compositions based on somewhat messy interactions and fusions between the artists and other things. Alongside of borrowed, recycled and remodeled surplus materials and objects, their stratified, mesh-like works include elements created with 3D modelling or other digital technologies. These often ephemeral works change their form throughout long processes. Recently the artists have been focusing on their encounters with invertebrates.

Nabb and Teeri are graduates of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki (MFA, 2011). Recent exhibition sites both in Finland and abroad include Titanik gallery in Turku; Pixelache festival in Suvilahti, Helsinki; Mustarinda in Hyrynsalmi, Finland; Varbergs Konsthall in Sweden; Art Sonje Center in Seoul; Kulturni centar GRAD in Belgrade; and KARST in Plymouth, UK. Between the years 2015 and 2017 the artists worked in the Wihuri Foundation bursary residency in Helsinki.