group exhibition w/ mirko nikolić, Elina Vainio and Sylvia Grace Borda
15.6.–20.8.2016 Mustarinda, Hyrynsalmi, FI

● Shock tube detonators beachcombed from the bays of the Suomenlinna Island, they have been placed in old nail holes and in the tunnels of the larvae of violet tanbark beetle (Callidium violaceum)

● On a styrofoam wall, an unfinished copy of Donna Haraway's article published in e-flux in September 2016

● A rya rug, depicting a fur beetle larvae (Attagenus woodroffei) feeding on oat flakes

● Kuvarica, an adaptation of traditional Serbian embroidery craft

● 3D animation, HD, duration 30 min 16 s, plywood boards found from the storage, adjustable clamps

● watercolour on paper, clips, wooden rods, biopolymers