3D animation, runtime 7 min

The dailiness merges with superimposed oddness in Blind Spot, an animation which presents odradekian, tumor-like life forms moving through and settling in a variety of quotidian settings. The constellation of home videos and uncanny 3D-gestures form anomalies which fabulate on the possibilities of mutation. The size of the blind spot is directly proportional to the energy input of the system. First impairment of vision area appear to the nose side and the ability to see things and their interconnections weaken.

One is tempted to believe that the creature once had some sort of intelligible shape and is now only a broken-down remnant. Yet this does not seem to be the case; at least there is no sign of it; nowhere is there an unfinished or unbroken surface to suggest anything of the kind; the whole thing looks senseless enough, but in its own way perfectly finished. In any case, closer scrutiny is impossible, since Odradek is extraordinarily nimble and can never be laid hold of.

[Franz Kafka, The Cares of a Family Man]