w/ Lau Nau
7.–30.8.2020, Forum Box, Helsinki, FI

to be underground or underbridge/ ferruginous water
is told to sometimes seep from the northeast corner of the back
hall/ in the cavities of the old storehouse that used
to be located under the bridge, the eight-legged guard
the movable relics and objects of worship/ through
the doorways the sounds wander about their own paths, who
can guess where/ the ones breathing through their moist skin
and those with air tubes piercing their chitin exoskeletons grow
scarcer/ the saints’ dried cuticles, limbs, wings, sensing organs
go round in the projector carousels/ singing still, asking them
to come back/ the lamp is lit against the white, the wait for
nightly collisions

useless tributes to larvae: honeycombs are hexagonal sockets,
rya rug shirt warms the fur beetle, for imaginary swarms of
plastivorous critters the office walls will suffice just as the
contemporary adaptations of traditional crafts/ fingers are not
spared when cutting old windows into
a wormhole

peat-borne particulates make the stagnant rainwater
of the water tub bog-coloured/ the clay paint also has water,
already evaporated, as well as clay dug from some meters deep
under the construction work, one coating is enough to cover
most surfaces/ the sandier clay on the stands and cords comes
from the same pit, closer to the ground/ racks and screens fit
folded into a closet/ pieces of paper accumulate in corners, the
dedicated few can manage breaking down cellulose into sugar
and water but anyone can glue